Explosion Protection

Explosions and fires can occur in many different types of industrial operations. The Explosion Protection Group carriesout risk assessments and develops safety concepts after consideration of the material properties, the process type and equipment used and the specific characteristics of the individual plant.

These three components must be present for an explosion to occur. For many years nothing may happen, however, a small change in the product, process or plant can result in an incident. The presence of a simple relief panel does not provide effective explosion protection if it is not known where the hazard will occur. Multiple protection systems added „just in case“ can be expensive and do not necessarily result in increased safety.Simple preventative measures are often all that is required to avoid a major explosion. However, the basis of safety must be clearly defined. An analysis of the relationship between products, the process and the plant should be carried out to develop an effective safety concept. A complete risk assessment starting with the characterisation of the process the characteristics and materials used, followed by an evaluation of the process equipment will lead to the definition of preventive and/or protective measures needed to ensure safety.With its active participation in the development of national and international safety standards, INBUREX Consulting can not only help you achieve a high level of safety but also ensure that your plant meets current regulatory requirements.